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Baile Geamhraidh

Isle of Lismore, Oban, Argyll PA34 5UL
Eva Tombs
T:01631 760128
This unique garden forms part of a biodynamic farm on the Island of Lismore in the Inner Hebrides. Created quite recently from a field, the garden has a strong geometric layout that reflects the ecclesiastical history of the island. It has a vegetable garden, a tree nursery, a physic garden, and an orchard. Wildflowers, birds, bees and butterflies abound. Standing stones, meadows, new woodlands, mountains and the sea encompass the whole. Not without weeds and long grass for the horned cattle that roam the fields.

Directions: From the Oban to Lismore Ferry (4/5 per day) travel first West then North for seven miles till you see the 'SGS' yello sign. Travel up the track over two cattle grids and follow the arrows. From Port Appin to Lismore ferry (foot and cycles) travel 1.5 miles till you see the 'SGS' yellow sign and do the same.

1 May - 1 October (Wednesdays only), 2pm - 6pm (2018)
Admission £4.00, children free.
· All proceeds to SGS Beneficiaries.
By arrangement 1 May - 1 October (2018)
Admission £4.00, children free.
· All proceeds to SGS Beneficiaries.
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