Opening a fantastic selection of gardens across Scotland to raise money for hundreds of charities
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Become a Nominated Charity

Scotland’s Gardens Scheme facilitates the raising of money for charity by helping Garden Owners, mostly private, to open their gardens to the public. These Garden Owners may nominate a charity(s) of their choice to receive up to 60% of their money raised. These nominated charities normally help our Garden Owners with their open day, most often by managing the teas for the event. The net remaining funds raised are contributed to our main beneficiaries who currently are Queen’s Nursing Institute for Scotland, The National Trust for Scotland Garden Fund, Maggie’s Centres and Perennial.

Would you like to be considered as a Nominated Charity?  The Garden Owner’s choice of their nominated charity is often a personal decision. However, we are happy to make our openers aware of charities that would like to be supported. We do this through a special newsletter every June. If you would like to be included in this mailing, please could you provide us with up to 250 words about your charity as well as your logo to be received by early May. Please forward this to us at And thank you again for your interest.