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Rosneath G84 0PU
Carol Rowe
Sheltered hilly ten acre woodland part of a 20 acre property with a notable collection of species and hybrid rhododendrons gathered over a period of 50 years by the late Neil and Joyce Rutherford as seen on the Beechgrove Garden. The collection has been augmented in the last 18 years by the current owner. Elsewhere during this time hurricane and severe storm damaged broad leaved trees and mature specimens of conifers have been cleared as have commercial conifers and Rhododendron ponticum. Fruit trees and bushes have been established, of which apples and blueberries are particularly successful, despite a far from favourable north facing shady site.

Directions: A ¼ of a mile from Rosneath off the B833.

Sunday 15 April, 2pm - 5pm (2018)
Admission £3.00, children free.
· Friends of St. Modan's, Rosneath 60%.

Other details: Organ music will be played in St Modan's church and Shandon Ukelele Band will play in the garden.

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