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2022 Conference

Scotland's Gardens Scheme 2022 Conference took place on 27 September at the stunning Blair Castle in Blair Atholl.

Blair Castle grounds © SGS

Blair Castle interior © SGS

We would like thank all who joined us on the day: our Volunteers, Garden Openers, Ambassadors, Partners, Beneficiaries and Friends. We celebrated the last few years of garden openings in Scotland, and some big milestones.

arlene-ewing-investec-sgs-conference-c-malcolm-ross.jpg ©Malcolm Ross
Arlene Ewing, Investec © Malcolm Ross

Thank you to our Sponsor Investec for their continuous support.

mark-cooper-maggies-edinburgh-2.jpg ©Malcolm Ross
Mark Cooper, Maggie’s Edinburgh © Malcolm Ross

Our core beneficiaries: Maggie’s, Perennial and QNIS shared the impact of our fundraising on their charities.

Dougal Philip © Malcolm Ross

Our Chairman Dougal Philip

anita-bates-perennial.jpg ©Malcolm Ross
Anita Bates, Perennial © Malcolm Ross

Perennial is one of our core beneficiaries.

sarah-doyle-qnis-c-malcolm-ross-2.jpg ©Malcolm Ross
Sarah Doyle, QNIS © Malcolm Ross

Scotland’s Gardens Scheme has been raising funds for Queen’s Nurses from its inception in 1931.

We celebrated a number of long service milestones, where gardens have opened with us for 75, 50 & 25 years.

dippoolbank-cottage-kirklands-and-lizzie-schofield.jpg ©Malcolm Ross

Dippoolbank Cottage and Kirklands hit 25-year mark in 2022, and 2018 respectively.

ardchattan-priory-and-threave-garden.jpg ©Malcolm Ross

Ardchattan Priory, Threave Garden and Leith Hall have opened with us for 75 years in 2022!

ken-cox-and-lizzie-schofield-glendoick-award.jpg ©Malcolm Ross
Lizzie Schofield and Ken Cox

Castle Kennedy also opened with us for 75 years in 2018.

Danevale and Aberarder were open with Scotland’s Gardens Scheme for 50 years in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

Gardens that opened for charity for 25 years are: Crinan Hotel Garden (in 2018), Inveresk Lodge Garden (in 2018), Benmore Botanic Garden (in 2019), Barnweil Garden (in 2022) and Thorntree (in 2022).

Our new Ambasador (and a real Garden Opener) Lizzie Schofield , presented the awards.

Pictured: Lizzie Schofield, Scotland’s Gardens Scheme’s Ambassador handing the award for Glendoick (50 years in 2018), received by Ken Cox.

Each year we recognise a volunteer who has shown outstanding service to Scotland’s Gardens Scheme. At the conference, we were delighted to recognise Rose-Ann Cunningham (2019),  Terrill Dobson (2021), Helen Rushton and Margaret Gimblett (2022) with Diana Macnab award. The recipient of 2020 award Janet Glaisher was not present.

rose-ann-cunninghame.jpg ©Malcolm Ross
Dougal Philip and Rose-Ann Cunninghame

terril-dobson-and-liz-stewart-diana-macnab-award.jpg ©Malcolm Ross
Liz Stewart and Terrill Dobson

helen-rushton-and-liz-stewart-diana-macnab-award-3-633b15f97caa2.jpg ©Malcolm Ross
Liz Stewart and Helen Rushton
margaret-gimblett-and-liz-stewart-diana-macnab-award.jpg ©Malcolm Ross
Liz Stewart and Margaret Gimblett

plant-stall-5.jpg ©Malcolm Ross

Thank you to everyone who took part in our bring-and-buy plant sale.

brian-cunningham-and-george-anderson.jpg ©Malcolm Ross

Beechgrove Garden presenters Brian Cunningham (also Scotland’s Gardens Scheme Ambassador) and George Anderson.

We thanked our former Chairman David Mitchell for his 17 years of service to Scotland’s Gardens Scheme. 

david-mitchell-4.jpg ©Malcolm Ross

How grand it is to see everyone gathered here today as we should be, and need to be. As a family of volunteers and as individuals these gatherings are essential for the charities and our own wellbeing. - said David. 

Thank you for sharing the charity with me for over seventeen years, for giving your time so freely. Thank you for your commitment, your steadfast approach, your loyalty and your patience. Thank you for your energy, your innovation and your friendship. As I step down I know that as family you are in strong, good and safe hands. Bound together by common goals - and the glue in society that is gardening.

We also enjoyed Gardeners Question Time, starring David Mitchell, Ken Cox, George Anderson, chaired by Lesley Watson.

gqt-ken-cox-david-mitchell-george-anderson.jpg ©Malcolm Ross
Ken Cox, David Mitchell and George Anderson ©Malcolm Ross


conference-2022-69.jpg ©Malcolm Ross

conference-2022-73.jpg ©Malcolm Ross



Sarah Troughton kindly shared the story of Hercules Garden at Blair Castle, and took us on a guided walk afterwards.

Hercules Garden talk by Sarah Troughton

conference-2022-100.jpg ©Malcolm Ross
Hercules Garden at Blair Castle

It was a great conference, and a wonderful way to celebrate our community!




g-anderson-and-l-watson.jpg ©Malcolm Ross

conference-d-philip-d-mitchell-lesley-watson-b-cunningham-l-stewart-g-anderson-k-cox-c-m-ross.jpg ©Malcolm Ross

charlotte-halliday-alex-lindsay-chris-gregson.jpg ©Malcolm Ross

conference-2022-1.jpg ©Malcolm Ross


conference-2022-15.jpg ©Malcolm Ross

conference-2022-3.jpg ©Malcolm Ross
murray-thomson.jpg ©Malcolm Ross


david-mitchell.jpg ©Malcolm Ross



All photographs © Malcolm Ross, except for the ones marked © SGS. Thank you Malcolm, you are a star!

We are looking forward to opening gardens for charity with you in 2023!