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How to propagate from cuttings

We are delighted to share a step-by-step guide on propagating plants from cuttings. It was created by our volunteer Penny Wright. Please, donate to Scotland’s Gardens Scheme so we can continue our mission.

In this 7-minute video tutorial, our volunteer Penny Wright demonstrates how to propagate plants from cuttings.

Penny also volunteers for Keep Scotland Beautiful and is a Green Flag Judge. She’s been working in environmental industry for over 20 years, currently working for SRUC in Edinburgh.

Here’s what you’ll learn from the video:

  1. How to take semi-softwood cuttings of some popular garden plants.

  2. When to take semi-softwood cuttings.

  3. What tools are required for taking cuttings.

  4. How big the cutting should be and where to cut.

  5. Whether to do a straight or diagonal cut for better absorption of water from your growing media. 

  6. How many leaves to take off and how to trim the leaves before potting the cuttings.

  7. How to make your own peat-free growing media.

  8. How to store semi-softwood cuttings before you are ready to plant them.

  9. How many cuttings are allowed per pot and where in the pot to place them to encourage root growth.

  10. How to water your newly planted cuttings.

  11. How to place a plastic bag over the cuttings to create microclimate for better growth.

  12. When to plant the new plants out in the garden.

  13. What temperature is best for root growth.

  14. About taking softwood cuttings in springtime.

  15. About taking hardwood cuttings in winter.

Plants featured in this video are: Salvia officinalis (sage), lavender, Verbena bonariensis, cornus.