Opening a fantastic selection of gardens across Scotland to raise money for hundreds of charities
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Inveresk Village Gardens in the Summer

The Inveresk Village virtual tours were made in support of Live Music Now Scotland. If you would like to donate towards our fundraising this year, please use the button below.

1. Join Ann for another virtual tour of her popular garden as it reveals its summer beauty.

2. Jenny Mollison has been growing fruit and veg on her Musselburgh allotment for over 30 years, mostly organically. In this short video Jenny is showing tomatoes that she's grown outdoors in Scotland for many years.

3. Oak Lodge garden is a part of Inveresk Village. Oak Lodge is a mature walled garden with lots of plants that thrive in Scottish climate.

4. Oak Lodge is a mature walled garden. Damp conditions dictated a choice of plants. In this video we take a look at Acer griseum (paperbark maple), Hydrangea paniculata, euphorbias, hostas, martagon lillies, astilbe, epimedium, podophyllum 'spotty dotty' and meconopsis

5. One of the growers in Inveresk Village shares amazing results from her allotment. Share this video with your friends who grow organically and see what they think.

6. Nigel Ross turns a tree suffering from an ash dieback into a beautiful abstract sculpture.

7. Oak Lodge is a mature walled garden. a part of Inveresk Village that was due to be open in June in support of Live Music Now Scotland and Scotland's Gardens Scheme beneficiaries. Video by Ian Orr, commentary by Euan Robertson.

8. Euan Robertson introduces Metasequoia glyptostroboides, an unusual tree for Scotland. Filmed by Ian Orr in Inveresk Village.

9. Lind MacDonald and Peter Berrey, who open their garden with Inveresk Village in Musselburgh, have been locked down in France for 4 months, the longest continuous period they have had to work on their French garden. But despite not being here with us in Scotland, they still wished to share their French garden with others. It includes an areal view explaining the different parts of our garden. Along the lower edge there is woodland, and some of the meadow remains, producing about 15 bales of hay each year. There are two caves, one of which was inhabited at some stage. The second cave was explored by local speleologists and bones were found from bison, auroch, hyena and a mammoth tooth. The other main sections of the garden are: a Mediterranean garden, a gravel garden, a pool and water feature, a formal box hedge garden, a wisteria terrace (around 30m long), and a herbaceous border beside a series of small walnut trees.

10. The video explains the motivation behind supporting Live Music Now Scotland as the Inveresk Village's chosen charity. In the second part of the video we listen to a captivating story of Half-Hangit Maggie, born in Musselburgh in the 18th century.

11. This video is part 2 of "Locked down in France" and the opening commentary and still photographs show the upper part of the meadow as it was being planted out 5 years ago. This became a prairie garden. There are 13 beds and initially there were around 5,000 drought tolerant plants. A month by month series of drone video footage is showing how the prairie garden developed from spring into summer in 2020. Everything you see is new growth, because each winter it is cut completely to the ground. The prairie garden sits on top of a hill overlooking the Dordogne valley, about 130m above sea level. The topsoil is a thin layer of very heavy clay, sitting on limestone which in many places is visible around the garden.