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My Garden Open Day - Snowdrops at Cleghorn, Lanarkshire

We were delighted to hear from Mrs Nicky Eliott Lockhart, telling us about her February snowdrop open day at Cleghorn. Fortunately the poor, early February weather gave way to finer days, and with people once again keen to be back in the great outdoors, the day was a great success.

Welcoming both new visitors and familiar faces, a record 103 teas were served on the day and Nicky had even arranged a game in the garden with prizes for the winners. Gathering up a host of sports equipment - cricket bats, tennis racquets, hockey sticks, to name a few, from when their children were younger and hid them around the garden. Visitors were then tasked with keeping their eyes open and spotting them as they explored the garden (memorising the items, writing them down was not allowed). When they got back to the stables, visitors had to try to remember and write down all the sports represented in the garden on an entry form - 15 sports in total. There were also two additional questions to answer including what are the 3 most played sports in the world? Answer below! This added an extra, fun element to the day which went down extremely well. 

And the snowdrops were splendid this year, really the finest they’ve ever been and Nicky told us that their early season clean-up of leaves and winter debris paid dividends in helping the snowdrops to shine through and really look their best.  You can enjoy the magnificent displays in the gallery below.

The garden was open by voluntary donation rather than a set ticket price, and the day raised a magnificent £1300, with Marie Curie as the chosen charity.

Well done and thank you to Nicky for sharing her story.

(Answer - Football, Basketball and Cricket are the 3 most played sports in the world, in that order.)