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Our historic districts

Anyone who has flicked through our guidebook will notice that Scotland's Gardens Scheme is organised into geographical districts. These district are lovingly tended to by our district organisers who seek out new gardens in their area and support garden owners already on the books. On the whole, our district names are the county names, but sometime they don't quite tally up, but like many things in life there is method to the madness! The names we give to our districts often hark back to older regional names.

As is the way of life, things revert back to the old. Before Peeblesshire and Tweeddale was combined in 2018, it had been two districts: Peeblesshire and Ettrick and Lauderdale. However, before that, the single district of Ettrick and Lauderdale was once known as Tweeddale. So the circle of life continues!

You can search by district, using our advanced filters on the Find a Garden page or clicking on the links below.

We hope this map may be useful for those used to our districts, and to new garden visitors who want to find somewhere to explore near to home. Do bear in mind that the closest garden to you may be in a neighbouring district, so you might want to search by location instead, adjusting the radius of your search as you go!