Opening a fantastic selection of gardens across Scotland to raise money for hundreds of charities
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Perennial helps anyone who professionally makes or looks after gardens, sports grounds, woodlands and other green spaces. If you work with plants, trees or grass, Perennial is your charity. Their friendly and experienced team can help you and your family when you’re facing overwhelming challenges, an unexpected crisis or life changing event at any stage of life, including through retirement.

Last year Perennial helped people to access nearly £4 million in financial assistance and this year it hopes to reach more people than ever. People describe Perennial as a ‘lifeline’, no problem or question is too big or small, so don’t let something that’s worrying you become a crisis. You can receive their help by phone, in your home, online and in your local community, and it’s all free and confidential.

Scotland’s Gardens Scheme makes a huge difference to the work of Perennial, helping to keep its senior caseworker, caseworker and debt advisor in Scotland in action and improving the lives of hundreds of people in horticulture and their families.