Every plant, tree, flower or lawn across Scotland’s beautiful parks, commons, woodlands and gardens has a story to tell of the people who not only grow, tend, nurture and protect, but who also design and build these all-important green spaces.

Perennial is the UK’s only charity supporting all those working in the horticultural community, as well as those who have retired, who dedicate their passion, time and energy to keeping Scotland beautiful.

We know life can sometimes be challenging and overwhelming , so whether you need a bit of guidance, feel stuck, or are facing something bigger, we’re here for you.

Our dedicated online resources, apps and services are on hand to help you make positive choices and informed decisions and our helpline provides free confidential support and advice. Our friendly, experienced caseworkers and debt advisers are here to answer your questions and ensure you get the help you need.

“My disability left me caseworker knew exactly which forms to fill out and how to apply for the right benefits and support I needed. I feel very lucky to have found Perennial – they transformed mine and my childrens’ lives” Robert - self-employed gardener and father of three.

The vital funds we receive from Scotland’s Gardens Scheme makes a huge difference to the work of Perennial, helping to keep our staff in Scotland in action and improving the lives of hundreds of people in horticulture and their families.

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