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Redcroft Virtual Garden Tour

The Openers Anna and James Buxton shared this charming virtual tour with us, saying: Our Edinburgh garden was going to be open on May 10th and this video was filmed the week before. I hope it gives an idea of what was going on in the garden in this lovely mid-Spring period. I would like to thank our wonderful gardeners from Down to Earth. We were going to raise funds for the teaching greenhouse at Saughton which is near here. There has been an excellent restoration project at Saughton Park and the greenhouse, the initiative of the Caley (Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society), will make all the difference to the programme of classes and demonstrations. If you would like to donate, please use the button below and mention Redcroft to support their charity choice.

Redcroft is a mature walled garden surrounding an attractive Arts and Crafts house. It is a hidden haven off a busy road with a variety of different features and habitats: an orchard, a rockery, a pond, shrubberies, a large lawn and contrasting longer grass. It is well maintained with many clipped shrubs and some cloud pruning. Early May is very colourful with rhododendrons and many other flowering shrubs and wall plants, and the greenhouse is full of tender plants. T

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