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Finding Garden Opening(s) to Visit


We know that you're here to find wonderful gardens to visit, which is why we're tried to make finding a garden as easy as possible.  You'll see below various bits of information you can use to search.

As you filter what you're looking for, you'll notice that the GREEN box in the lower right corner of the search box will show you how may matches have been found.  When you're ready you should click this box to see your results.

As you filter you will also notice that the map to the right update with location markers for the garden(s).  These markers are all "clickable" and can take you to see the details of that specific garden if you like.


You should also note that there is the option for a SIMPLE SEARCH or ADVANCED SEARCH.  The advanced search, of course, includes more options to refine your search.

There are several ways to search and filter for gardens to visit:

Searching by a location

If you would like to find a garden in a particular location, please use the GARDEN LOCATION box in the search box.  Start to type the location name and you'll see a drop-down box.  Select the location you are looking for.

Searching for particular dates

Perhaps you'd like to visit a garden next weekend, this month, for at a specific time of year.  You will find shortcut timeframes you can choose on both the SIMPLE SEARCH and ADVANCED SEARCH.  More options, of course, are found with the advanced search.


Searching for a specific garden

If you know the garden name that you are looking for, simple type this into the GARDEN NAME.  Note that you'll not need to type every bit of the name, just enough to be reasonable unique.  Also note that if the garden is opening as part of a group or village, then that village opening will be found.

Searching for particular qualities

If you use the ADVANCED SEARCH, you'll see that you can refine your search even more.  You can request gardens with particular opening features, such as those serving Homemade Teas and/or holding a Plant Sale.  You can ask to see all the gardens with Champion Trees or National Plant Collections.  We also list various features, such as those with Roses, Kitchen Gardens, etc - those please note that we're new at this feature and we probably don't have everything just yet.

And of course you can search in various combinations of the above.



Printing or Saving your Search Results

At the lower right hand corner you'll see a PURPLE PRINTER.  Once you have filtered the results you are looking for, click this to be provided with a list of all your Openings.  You can print from this list or save it for later.  And you'll have the option to print with or without photos and also with or without search opening's detailed description.  Just note that this handy list opens on a new page in your browser, so your back button won't work and you'll have to guide yourself back to the website page.

The Green, Green Grass... at the bottom of the screen

If you find that the green grass at the bottom of the screen is bothering you especially, you can hide most of it by tapping the arrow at the bottom right of your screen.  But don't forget that there's useful information to be found here.


What do the Green Icons Mean?

Teas & Refreshments


Teas can be Basic (tea & biscuit), Cream teas or Homemade.  Some openings also offer Refreshments.

Wheelchair Accessibility & Public Transport


As most of our openings take place in private gardens, not all will be wheelchair accessible.  If they are, either fully or partially, there will be an icon.  Also, those gardens that can be reached by public transport will show the green bus icon.

New Gardens


Other Features about the Garden Opening


You may bring your dog to the openings with the doggie sign (but on a lead please).  The family icon means that their will be children's activities at the opening.  The snowdrop tells you that the garden is participating in the Scottish Snowdrop Festival.  And the big flower signals that there will be plants for sale.

Features about the Garden


And finally NPC is displayed when the garden holds a National Plant Collection (with Plant Heritage) and details will be with their description.  The landscape icon tells you that they are registered with Historic Scotland for a Designed Landscape, these gardens have links to the Historic Scotland website for more details.  And the big tree shows that they have at least one Champion Tree, as listed on the UK Tree Register.


Helpful Hints when Visiting a Garden


Most of our gardens are privately owned, so please ask permission before taking photographs. And if you take a good one, please share it with us over social media.

Gardening Advice

Our garden openers LOVE to chat about their gardens. If there’s a bit of advice you’re after, do ask!

Children & Families

Children are very welcome but must be accompanied by an adult to supervise their visit. Some openings offer children’s activities, look for the children’s activities symbol.

Group Visits

Many of our gardens are all too pleased to have a group to visit. Get in touch with the garden, or contact the local District Organiser (email at the front of the District section) for more information.


Private gardens do not normally have outside toilets. For security reasons, our Openers have been advised not to admit visitors into their homes. Your understanding is appreciated.


If for any reason a garden opening has been cancelled this will be indicated on the garden webpage. Please check before setting off to an open day.


Have we Missed Anything?

If we've missed something, or you are having any problems with the website, please contact us and we'd be delighted to help.