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10 Menziehill Road, Dundee Virtual Garden Visit

This garden is full of amazing rhododendrons, azaleas, and one of Dundee city’s nine wells! If you would like to donate towards our fundraising this year, please use the button below.

On a sloping site facing the river, No 10 is home to one of the nine wells in this part of the west end of Dundee. At one time the well provided drinking water for a nearby farmhouse and two cottages. It was also the first and last water available to carriers' horses on their way to/from Dundee. Now it feeds rhododendrons and camellias, many of which came from the Rothschilds' garden at Exbury, Hampshire. Of particular interest are magnolia 'Manchu Fan' and rhododendrons 'Loderic King George' and 'Lady Chamberlain'. More recently an area near the well has been given over to bulbs and small herbaceous plants, various irises and primulas.

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