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The braw lad, Mr Lowry the Chairman's whippet, in the snow

The braw lad, Mr Lowry the Chairman's whippet, in the snow
The braw lad, Mr Lowry the Chairman's whippet, in the snow

Well that was a grand nap Team. I feel a bit like 'Thomas the Rhymer' having fallen asleep in the heat of last summer before getting a rude awakening back to the land of the living! In my case I have been away for seven months [thankfully not seven years, as it was for poor Thomas] but I have come back to the depths of winter, with 30cm plus of snow on the ground.

I love it, it’s great for rolling in and for eating, especially after a long run when it is so cool and refreshing. You can't beat a good snow drift in my book. As for the Team they 'hate it' after the first twenty minutes you should hear them 'The Boss' noting that it is fine on a card before complaining about broken shrubs, irritable boilers and the need to shift the 'mucky stuff' from the paths and the driveway. 'HQ' is no better as we trudge through it in the park and I pause 'again' to shove my nose down a rabbit hole. In doing so all that I hear is 'Oh hurry up Lowry its cold out here ' Tell me about it' I say, 'At least you have boots on your feet' -- what have you got to complain about! At least is not up to your hind quarters and your belly'. Ssshhhh, wait a minute', listen, there is a vole under the snow!' I can hear it 'snuffle snuffle' with my nose, deep in the drift - 'missed it again'; no matter homeward bound now for hot goats milk and an egg yolk 'Lovely Jubbly'. Having devoured that, whats this I see! Ah ha they are tucked up in the chair with hot chocolate and the 2018 Yellow Book looking at diaries planning garden visits. Well it is about about time I say, I wonder where we will be going this year ? No doubt I will find out, but it is sure to be fun for everyone. I will be back with the detail as soon as know what is going on.

In the mean time I shall have another shorter nap on my new furry blanket. Bliss. Mr Lowry with Thanks to the Team

Lately they have been back in the Yellow Book several timesover the last few days in between weeding, pruning and watering sessions having as a result they have just anounced that all being well I will be going to the Dean Gardens, Edinburgh on Sunday afternoon the 17th of June. It is dog friendly and there will be live music with tea and cakes. Sounds like just the buisness to me. Hopefully I might see you and some of my other doggy chums on the day, lets hope the sun shines.

In the mean time why don't you check out the Yellow Book for yourself and put a date in the diary to support Scotlands Garden Scheme.

Bye for now

With thanks to the 'Team'

Mr Lowry